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Poster: cosmicharlie Date: Mar 12, 2006 3:06am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: bit torrent question

Foruth.."and if you DL off of bt.etree, don't piss anyone off, you may stall and burn-at least in the GD area's. With the ole shucks'n grovel game. Sure miss the old PRE-december Archive-no power trips, jest happy BS free DL'n! lol-but i won't rehash that."

-This hogwash..don't believe it. Etree is a kind place fer music!
sure thing! My DL woo's are indeed 100% of my making, due to errors in judgement. I'm positive now that no one screws with leechers they judge as kind (or mean spirited) must be the infernal firewall! tee-hee!
My firewall aint jiggy with etree >only<
I know 4 other sites where the DL's & UL's flow great on my Mainline 4.4.1 at present(bad discriminating Firewall!!!)
In many ways I'm kind, but i know human nature and pettypowertrips...for example, "Kind" would not murder the unborn. (which takes a heart of darkness-period.)
Yup, the words "kind" and "Mean spirited" do get thrown around conveniently. AND I'd never throw around the term "blacklisted"
.....Bad firewall!! lol